Welcome To Primo Cards, Australia's Largest Breaking Community!
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Australia's Biggest Breaking Community!
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Australia's Biggest Breaking Community!
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Welcome to Primo Cards, Australia's Largest Breaking Community!
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Australia's Biggest Breaking Community!
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How To Get Started

Sports card breaks are a great way to add excitement to your collection and connect with other collectors. So why not give it a try and see what all the hype is about?

Need more information?

A group break is where multiple people come together to share the cost of advertised boxes of trading cards. It offers everyone the opportunity to collect or chase cards for a fraction of the cost of buying a box or a case.

In a Pick Your Team break you can purchase your own specific team. In a Random Team break you choose a spot number that will be randomly assigned Live to a team before the boxes are opened. Once all spots in a break have been sold, we open the boxes live on our Instagram, Facebook channels.

We stream all of our breaks live on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Join our Facebook community group to ensure you don’t miss a notification. And follow us on Instagram @primocards where we stream daily Breaks.

For all our Domestic customers, we now are pleased to offer On Demand Shipping. This can be requested and purchased via our website as frequently as you would like. We are the only Breaking company that can ship on demand within 2 business days. Contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your cards.


For our International customers, we sort and hold all cards until shipping is requested or On Demand International Shipping is purchased via the website. We offer AusPost Express, other courier services are available on request.

To get more engaged with our community, we suggest joining our Break Group on Facebook for all news and giveaways, and join our live streams for the best community and most entertaining Live Breaks you will ever come across.

Whats Next?

Private Box Openings

Customers are able to purchase individual products via our website to be opened live primocards.com.au/private-breaks. Please inquire about anything you’re interested in that is not advertised.

Join Our Community

To get more involved with our community, join our Facebook Break Group for all news and giveaways, join our live streams for the best community and most entertaining Live breaks you will ever come across. With over 27K of fans across all platforms.

Buy a Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are available for gifts or to help manage your weekly budgeting, a great way to get friends involved and invite more people to enjoy the community.

Breaking 7 Days a Week

Join us Now

Join us and our community 7 days a week, each break runs within minutes of being sold out so there is no waiting to find out which cards you will win! Turn on all notifications on Instagram & Facebook to avoid disappointment. All replays are saved on Instagram IGTV and Facebook.

Largest Breaking Community

Australia Wide

In order to sustain this to make sure our customers receive the dedication and care thats required. We have a dedicated team of 10+ specialists in the industry to make sure no question goes unanswered. We pride ourselves on having the best most attentive customer service team in the industry.

On Demand Shipping

No More Waiting

Request and purchase On Demand Shipping, get your cards shipped within 2 business days of ordering. There is no other breaking company that offers this 24/7 customer service with a dedicated team to help with any queries in relation to your cards.


Get to know us a better, hear from our amazing Community !

Best in the business. As an OG member I’ve always love the entertainment/fun/banter/amazing range of products!
Shipping is always fast and efficient.
Live breaks are brilliant!
Sick community of collectors.

Paul Dinnage

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March 13, 2023

Best breakers out there! Always huge cards getting pulled! Come and join the fun

Louis Sheeny

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January 4, 2023

Best breakers in the business. Great customer service, super informative and always helpful. Couldn’t recommend breaking with Primo more, deliveries are always on time and most importantly they’re super responsive to any queries. ❤️

Matt Sticca

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March 9, 2023

Best Breakers in the game!!!! If you love a bit of banter served up with your breaks, then Primo is the place for you. Can’t beat their knowledge and the experience they provide.

Matt Wilson

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March 23, 2023